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Specializing in ibd gel nail. Gels is applying to your natural or artificial nail, giving you length and strengthen the nails, once we apply a tip and fill your nail with gel, all you will need to visit the salon every 3 weeks for a infill.Gel is a preferred product which allows flexibility and less stress on the nails than acrylic. Acrylic nails need exactly the same procedure as gel, the difference is acrylic can be a little dryer on the nail.

Nails look amazing all the time.

spray tan

Our tuscan tan is amazing, walk in white walk out tanned.Quick and easy, with tusacn tan no one will every know you have been to us, amazing colour looking natural all the time.

Our spray room gives you the privacy you need, tans usually take 10-15 minutes our staff will advise you how to look after your tan, to help maximize your tan.

Always exfoliate before having a tan, always wear loose fitting clothes and open shoes to eliminate streaks.

Never do exercise after a tan, tan should remain on your body at least 6-8 hours before showering, best results have a tan 2 days before that special event.